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Günter Strobl
Prof. for Finance
University of Vienna
10bet mobile betting appResearch Interests

Corporate Finance, Financial Intermediation, Asset Pricing Under Asymmetric Information

Selected Publications
  • Gervais, S., Strobl G., 2019, Transparency and Talent Allocation in Money Management, Review of Financial Studies, forthcoming.
  • Fulghieri, P., Strobl G., Xia H., 2014, The Economics of Solicited and Unsolicited Credit Ratings, Review of Financial Studies, 27(2), 484-518.
  • Strobl, G., Van Wesep E. D., 2013, Publicizing Performance, Management Science, 59(4), 918-932.
  • Strobl, G., 2013, Earnings Manipulation and the Cost of Capital, Journal of Accounting Research, 51(2), 449-473.
  • Goldman, E., Strobl G., 2013, Large Shareholder Trading and the Complexity of Corporate Investments, Journal of Financial Intermediation, 22(1), 106-122.
  • Garcia, D., Strobl G., 2011, Relative Wealth Concerns and Complementarities in Information Acquisition, Review of Financial Studies, 24(1), 169-207.
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