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Location: Rust, Austria
Date: September 29-30, 2015
Chairs: Alois Geyer (10bet casino reviewWU Vienna), Josef Zechner (WU Vienna)


September 29, 2015
Marlene Haas Equity Short Sales and Options: Complements or Substitutes?
Juraj Hledik Formation of Financial Networks
Florian Nagler Debt Refinancing and Equity Returns
Angel Tengulov The Impact of Borrowing Diversity on Firm Value, Financing and Real Decisions
Li He Wage Rigidity and Capital Structure
Thomas Rauter Borrower Prestige and Loan Pricing
Julia Reynolds Commonality in Liquidity: The Impact of Financial Crisis and Regulation NMS
The new rules of the rating game: market perception of corporate ratings
Roberto Pinto Negative Effects of Information Disclosure: The Dark Side of Stress Test
September 30, 2015
Akos Hovarth 10bet bonus codeBank Payout Policy in the Financial Crisis
Roman Goncharenko Off to the races: an international comparison of asset pricning models
Giedre Lenciauskaite How Bank Bailouts and Foreclosure Distort the Market for Catastrophe Insurance
Maximilian Bredendiek The influence of news on agricultural commodity futures
Asad Rauf Bank loan loss provisioning during the financial crisis