Learning Center

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Location: WU Vienna Campus, Austria
Date: September 27-28, 2022
Chairs: Alexander Mürmann 10bet bonus code(WU Vienna), Josef Zechner (WU Vienna)


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Matthias Reiner Stock Reactions to Climate Policy News
Yuan Chen Estimation Risk for Systemic Risk Measures driven by
Semi-parametric Models
Elizabeth Rinde Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the U.S. Corporate Bond Market
Florian Weinlich Changes in Risk-based Capital and Reaching for Yield
Zhou Ren Currency Mismatch and Exchange Rate Shock: Impact on the Bank
Lending Channel
Bogdan Stankovski Effects of the Short Selling Ban on Equity Markets and Firm Financing: Evidence from 2020
Aron Bodisz Arbitrage on Decentralized Exchanges
Thi Thuy Dung Phung Aggregate Financial Conditions and Equity Returns: How Important is Firm-Level Exposure?
September 28, 2022
10bet mobile betting appDominik Walter Technology Spillover Effects and Patent Announcements
Natalija Kostic Effects of a Bank Payout Restriction on Risk-taking Incentives in a Crisis
Viktoria Muthsam Early Intervention, Information Acquisition, and Discretionary Reporting
Borys Koval The Effect of Positive and Negative Shocks under Uncertainty
Maximilian Schleritzko Household Expectations of Returns on Gold