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Location: Baden, Austria
10bet online sports bettingDate: September 14-15, 2016
Chairs: Alexander Mürmann (WU Vienna), Josef Zechner (WU Vienna)


September 14, 2016
Li He Payroll and Financial Leverage
Julia Reynolds In for the Long Haul: Activist Hedge Funds and Fire Sale Risk
Nikolay Dinev Now I pay you, now I don’t: A study of the bankruptcy framework
Roman Goncharenko Contingent Debt and Investment
Akos Horvath Does Government Aid Have an Effect on Bank Payout? – Evidence from the TARP
Roberto Pinto Union Power and the Debt Maturity Structure
Giedre Leciauskaite Foreclosure and Catastrophe Insurance
Asad Rauf Additional Tier 1 capital under Basel III: Evidence from Contingent Convertible Bonds
September 15, 2016
The influence of news 10bet bonus codeon agricultural commodity futures
Giorgio Ottonello Corporate Bond Characteristics and Portfolio Choice
Christoph Scheuch Bond Fire Sales
Stefan Voigt Predictive density combinations for high-dimensional portfolios