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Location: Rust, Austria
Date: October 6-7, 2014
Chair: Alois Geyer (WU Vienna)


October 6, 2014
10bet reviewMichael Zierhut Conflicts of Interest: Would Equityholders Ever Support Efficient Production and Financial Plans?
Silvia Bressan The Funding of Subsidiaries Equity, “Double Leverage” and the Risk of Bank Holding Companies (BHCs)
Marlene Haas Stock Trading in the Early 20th Century: The Panic of 1907
Angel Tengulov Managerial Entrenchment, Managerial Performance and The Cross-Section of Expected Stock Returns
Florian Nagler The Cross-Section of Corporate Bond Returns and Dealer Inventory Risk
Juraj Hledik Correlation and Contagion
Florian Nagler Debt Refinancing and Equity Returns
Angel Tengulov The Impact of Borrowing Diversity on Firm Value, Financing and Real Decisions
Li He Dividend covenants, investment and payout policy
Julia Reynolds Illiquidity Contagion 10bet mobile betting appand Information Spillover in CDS and Equity Markets
Thomas Rauter Stock Prices as Triggers of CEO Turnover
October 7, 2014
Roberto Pinto Implementing Arrow-Debreu Equilibria by Trading Long-Lived Securities in a Sequence of Markets
Nikolay Dinev What Can Finance Learn from the Talmud
Akos Hovarth NASDAQ Trading Pauses: a High-Frequency Analysis
Roman Goncharenko The Effect of Stock Exchange Consolidation