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Location: WU Vienna Campus, Austria
Date: September 11-12, 2017
10bet reviewChairs: Alexander Mürmann (WU Vienna), Josef Zechner (WU Vienna)


September 11, 2017
Thomas Rauter Disclosure Regulation, Corruption, and Investment:
Evidence from Natural Resource Extraction
Roberto Pinto Levered Employees
Nikolay Dinev Voluntary Bankruptcy as Preemptive Persuasion
Roman Goncharenko CoCos, Debt Overhang, and Bank Failure
Akos Horvath Supporting SMEs in the Post-Crisis Economy:
Empirical Evidence on Soft Loans in Hungary
Giorgio Ottonello Structural Changes in Corporate Bond Underpricing
Maximilian Bredendiek Corporate Bond Portfolios and Macroeconomic Conditions
Giedre Leciauskaite The relation between P&C insurer’s underwriting and investment activities
Asad Rauf Contingent convertible bonds, bank risk and capital regulation
September 12, 2017
10bet online sports bettingPatrick Weiss Leverage Dynamics and Equity Returns
Christoph Scheuch Which Bonds to Sell in Fire Sales?
Liquidity versus Commonality of Holdings
Stefan Voigt Factors, predictors, and mispricing:
A posterior probability perspective